The Big 4 Caribbean Medical Schools Advantages and Disadvantages

The Caribbean has four medical schools that are sometimes referred to as “The Big Four”. These medical schools are accredited and have produced many good doctors. Many graduates are American born and return to the States to set up a practice for life. They have shown that medical schools in the Caribbean can and should produce excellent doctors of medicine.

Caribbean Medical Schools

Caribbean Medical Schools

In fact, there are some specific advantages for the Caribbean medical schools. These schools are a viable option and an alternative to U.S. medical schools. They are generally lower in cost. Tuition is usually less expensive. The housing is available for U.S. students. Another advantage is that admission is easier for U.S. schools. The opportunity to gain acceptance in a Caribbean medical school must be greater than that of an American school. Medical schools in the Caribbean in general, use English to teach all their classes. Language should not be a problem.

While U.S. schools have a deadline for admission, Caribbean schools usually offer three compliance periods in a year. This means you might be able to start classes at a time other than the traditional start dates of U.S. schools. There are three schools in the Caribbean that merit study and research. These three are: Texila American University, Faculty of Medicine, Sava, and the Universidad San Jorge.

There are some disadvantages of attending a school in the Caribbean. The cost of the trip will be an added expense. It’s not cheap to travel these days. You also have to adapt to a different culture. To some this may be difficult, although most U.S. medical students make the adjustment over time. Another disadvantage is the process of obtaining clinical rotations and residencies. Caribbean schools do not have a strong program like American schools. There is also a limited number available. Many medical schools in the Caribbean offer the rotation back in the U.S., but you will want to investigate specific situations. If you return to the States must take the Clinical Skills Assessment (CSA) and the USMLE tests as well.

Caribbean medical schools offer an alternative to U.S. medical students. The final decision will always depend on the person. Many students have attended medical school in the Caribbean and have solid careers. You will have to make those decisions for yourself.

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